Well hung Raul

May 14th, 2008 admin

Another astonishing gay latino muscle hunk for you! Canny smiling Raul delights us with his well formed body and his huge gay cock. The bodybuilder has been posing for quite a while and comes now with his all-new 2008 summer set. Here’s a quick preview of this amazing pics and videos. More can be found on powermen.com. Enjoy!

Posing on the streets

May 4th, 2008 admin

We met Julio in his hometown and asked him for a shooting on the fly. Julio is a real gay latino amateur who had a fancy for taking these nice pictures right away. These pictures taken on the streets do look quite innocent but our meeting went on and we took Julio to a real nice place where we were able to make some awesome videos with this latino twink and his huge gay cock. Enjoy the rest of the set on musclehunks.com!

Pablo posing

April 27th, 2008 admin

Pablo delights us with some new and hot pictures. The latino gay stud delights us with his beautiful face, his astonishing body and – of course – with his impressive big gay cook. I still haven’t found out what it is but the overall impression is absolutely amazing. Check out all of his other pics and videos on latinboyz.com.

Alfonso from the neighborhood

April 20th, 2008 admin

Latino amateur Alfonso is a guy from the neighborhood. He came over and asked us to take some pictures of him in hot solo action. He told us that there was a real hot latino gay guy like him he wanted to impose with these pics. He agreed to do the shooting if we could publish the pics of this muscular twink on our website. So here he is – check out the rest of this set on latinboyz.com!

Hard and hot

April 17th, 2008 admin

Samuel is looking some kind of pissed on the first pics.

He’s playing his role as a bad guy almost perfectly but check out the last pictures, he has a really soft side.

This gay latino stud presents us his perfect body and much more he’s still hiding here but bringing us on the website we found these pictures. So check out musclehunks.com for more of this amazing gay latino stud.

Shy Yuri

April 14th, 2008 admin

We’re presenting Yuri, a gay latino amateur we met for a shooting some days ago. Since he has such an amazing body we don’t know why he acted some kind of shy in the first place. But when we made the first pics and videos of this hot latino twink he unbended and this great shooting ended really amazing. Check it out on latinboyz.com!

Powerman Pepe posing

April 11th, 2008 admin

Latinogayblog.com presents another impressive gay muscle hunk. Pepe is a latino stud from Paraguay we met on vacation.
We stayed in the same hotel and asked him for a ahooting off-the-cut in our suite.
He agreed and had so much fun that we spent the next two weeks by setting up different sets for this gay latino twink.
We made trips to the jungle and to the coast, shooting the days and nights.
Check out the amazing  result of our holidays on powermen.com!

Hot latino Sami

April 8th, 2008 admin

We start off with todays hottie Sami. This sweet latino gay amateur was in need of extra cash. We offered him some and he return he agreed to pose for some really hot pictures.
Luckily he headed our so way so we can provide these nice pictures of Sami and his huge gay cock.
The comprehensive package is rounded up by Sami presenting his amazing body.
Enjoy these and many more pictures of the gay latino on latinboyz.com!

Phil and his popsicle

March 30th, 2008 admin

Today’s gallery features the amazing musclehunk Phil. It looks like this hot gay boy is a real pro! The way he is posing in front of the cam and how he managed acting in the amazing video we made with him. Enjoy the pics here with Phil and his huge gay cock. Close your eyes and imagine it being a popsicle. I really enjoyed watching and imaging the sweet wet lips of this hot stud wrap around another musclehunks cock. If you agree that is amazingly hot check out musclehunks.com.

Amazing Powerman Micu

March 24th, 2008 admin

We’re back with a really exclusive hottie today: Mica is one of our all-time favourites when it comes to bodybuilder pictures. Originally from Chile, he came over to the US years ago and got his career going. This hot latino stud has been admired for his body since he started modelling and we’re glad to be sharing this hot pics with you guys. Enjoy the rest of his pictures and some really nasty gay videos on powermen.com!

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